A Mothers Tribute to her Only Son

In Loving Memory of
Dale Jay Rose
October 27,1975 ~ March 24,1993

    The music playing is Eric Claptons...Tears in Heaven...it was Dale's favorite song and the song playing on the tape at the time of the accident that claimed his life.

    Dale lived in Okeechobee, Florida when he was killed in a tragic car crash. He was a student at Okeechobee High School, Class of 1994. He had many friends here in Florida and in Massachusetts.
    His favorite teacher was Mr. Burke. He wanted to someday work in a pit crew at the Indy 500...
    He enjoyed gardening...roses and cactus...Dale seemed to like the thorny plants.
    He is missed by all of his family and friends....

    The following is from the first tribute page I made for my son....They say Time will allow all wounds to heal, nay I think not, not the wound in a mothers heart. For when a mother looses a child, part of her also dies, and is burried in the box in the ground with her child.

    True, though, is the fact that time has allowed me to become able to function and the number of "Dale" days are fewer now and further apart...BUT when a "Dale Day" hits its as though he died yesterday, and the pain is as intense as it was the day he died.

    October 27,1975 March 24, 1993

    Welcome to the tribute page for my son, Dale Jay Rose...

    Dale was born on October 27, 1975 at 7:35 pm in Greenfield Massachusetts...

    He was a beautiful healthy baby boy. As he grew he was the light of my life with the ability to put a smile on everyones face....

    He did very well in school and some times his teachers had to struggle, I think, to keep him interested because he got bored waiting for the rest of the class to catch up with him so they could all go on.

    He had a wonderful sense of humor and I think he would of got on on stage to perform comedy had we had a club with amature night in our area.

    He went to Florida to be with his grandmother so she would not be lonely living by herself...This was so like him...

    He loved talking with seniors as they knew so much more then he did....He used to say older people can tell you history first hand...

    He attended Okeechobee High School in Okeechobee, Florida. His favorite teacher was Mr. Burke...Auto Mechanics...Dale wanted to be on the pitcrew at the Indi 500 some day...

    He and his friends Tim and Scott, enjoyed getting their hands dirty working on cars... Tim and Scott were two of Dale's best friends (he had so many). I am glad they were able to spend his last day, in this world, together...

    They left my moms home in Tim's car to get icecream at the Dairy Queen...then swung past Scotts and dropped him off at home to do his chores so the three of them could go bowling later...

    They dropped Scott off but they didn't get to go bowling...

    They were about 3 miles from my moms house, when they were in an accident...

    Dale, the light of my life, laying where he landed when he was ejected from the passenger seat, never to smile or make anyone laugh again...ever.

    He was only 17...

    ...But he did leave alot of memories with those who knew and loved him
    ...the jokes he told to all of us (he loved to impersonate Eddie Murphy)
    ...the songs we used to sing together (his favorite was "You are my sunshine")
    ...the hugs he gave (he was a good hugger)
    ...the many people he helped when he had his paper route, before he moved to Florida (he used to get home so late because he would take all their trash to the curb the night before their garbage day, or get them water from the spring)

    He used to keep the yard up, he loved to plant rose bushes (just like my Dad did) and really liked to take part in landscaping

    Everyone who knew him has part of the memories he left behind.

    We all love and miss you Dale

    "Gods Loan to All Parents"

    "I'll lend you for a little while a child of mine," he said,

    For you to love while he lives and mourn when he is dead.

    But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for me?
    He brought his charms to gladden you and though his stay was brief,

    You have his lovely memories to solace for your grief.

    I could not promise he would stay, since all from earth return, but there are lessons taught down there, I wanted him to learn.

    I looked the wide world over, in my search for teachers true,

    And from the throngs that crowd lifes way,

    I selected you.

    Now you've given him all your love, nor thought your labor vain,

    'Nor hated me when I came to take him back again.

    I fancied that I heard you say,

    "Dear Lord, Thy Will be Done,

    for all the joy Thy child shall bring, the risk of grief we'll run.

    You sheltered him with tenderness and loved him while you may,

    and for the blessings you have known, forever grateful stay.

    And though the angels called for him much sooner then you planned,

    You'll brave the bitter grief, I know, and try to understand.

    Glenn C Hutchinson (author)

    You are lovingly missed
    By your parents:
    Penny M. Chaisson and Daniel J. Rose
    By your grandparents:
    Dorothy H.Hiscock and the late Alson E. Hiscock
    Joyce E. Rose and the late Darrell Jay Rose
    By your sisters:
    Allison H. Rose (Plummer) Tindall
    Melanie E. Rose Troendle
    By your nephews:
    Stephen F. Chaisson
    Alson E Chaisson
    Jonathin Dale Troendle
    By your many friends

    Pictures of Dale

    DALE 1990

    Dale with his sister Melanie...1979

    Dale with Gram, sisters Allison and Melanie

    Dales Links

    Okeechobee High School

    This Poem was given to me for Dale's page by a wonderful Lady on the internet, her name is at the end of the poem, but she is an Angel here on Earth to me....


    If we could have some wishes and know that they'd come true,
    We'd ask the Lord not for wealth but a wish for time with you.
    We wouldn't ask him for the stars or even for the moon,
    We'd ask the Lord to bring you to us here in this room.
    We'd ask that we could have more time, in which to have you near,
    That we would get to see you for many, many years.
    We'd wish that we could hear your voice and see your face once more,
    That he could open up the clouds that reveals a hidden door.
    So maybe he will grant a wish and make our dreams come true,
    Till then, we'll Pray for you dear Dale, our wishes are for you.

    Kathie M. Guidry May 13, 1999

    ~Now my Angel has his wings~

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