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Ericsson LX677 ~ KH668 ~ LX788

Welcome to the world of cellular communication! Your new cell phone will bring you lots of pleasureable conversation time.

The operation of this phone is all in your included manual and this page in no way replaces your user manual.

The tips here are only reminders, and quick tips to help you learn how to operate your phone.

Remove phone and battery from battery on phone by sliding the lid of the battery beneath the lip on the rear of the cell phone and snap into place.

You should place your phone on charge. Remove charger from the box...plug into phone and into electric recpticle. Allow phone to fully charge. This may take several hours.

1. (WHEN FULLY CHARGED) To turn your phone on: Hold the NO button down until it beeps...Your phone is now on. It is in the stand-by mode. You may make and receive calls in this mode.

2. To place a call: Dial the number you wish to reach, and then press the YES button. Hold the phone to your ear, with the antenna pointed behind your head, listen for your party to answer. When you have completed the phone call press the NO button.

3. To access your voice mail...from your cell phone... arrow down to YES....arrow up to voice mail YES...see call? YES...listen for recording to for your messages, and follow prompts in recording.

E-MAIL to your phone: Your e-mail addy to your phone is your phone retrieve these arrow down to Yes...arrow to unread text and press YES

4. To access your voice mail from any your cell phone...interupt the recording by pressing #1111 and follow the prompts.

5. To check the minutes you have used...arrow down to call YES...arrow down to time YES this shows current reset to zero on your billig date arrow down twice more and press YES to reset counter.

6. Minute usage...AT&T rounds UP to the next minute. Your phone is showing actual time. If your phone says the call you just completed was 1 min 20 sec...AT&T will bill you for 2 minutes.

E-Mail me any questions you have about your phone...


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