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FEBRUARY 14,2000

Mr. Daniel J. Rose & Mrs. Penny M. Chaisson

take great pleasure in

~Announceing the Engagement~

of their daughter

Melanie E. Rose...aka Pohh to Jeff Troendle...aka The Web One

This is a diary in Pictures of how it took place

Jeff called and let me in on the plan to ask Melanie when she got off work today at my mom and I snuck the camcorder into the restaurant and we got a large corner booth and waited....Jeff ~finally~ got there and we just kind of hung out till well after 2 when Melanie was able to join us....

I told Melanie I had the camcorder as I was making a tape of local sites to send friends. So when I turned it on she just started to introduce Jeff.....So this is Jeff and Melanie....

Jeff was watching out the window and asked Melanie if she wanted her Valentines gift...just by chance there was a local tow truck with a car on it's flat bed outside...Melanie looked out the window and asked..."Did you get me a car?".... Jeff told, but I do have your present with me...

He told her to close her eyes and hold out her hands...then when her eyes were closed, he slid off the booth and got down on one knee and asked her...Melanie will you marry me? he placed the opened ring box in her hands...(How romantic!)

Those pretty green eyes opened up real fast...she looked at the ring, at Jeff, up at me and said...oh my god, its beautiful...YES! One of the waitresses at the counter shouted..."She said yes!" and the entire restaurant, (which by now knew what was happening) cheered and clapped!

Jeff told her he loved her and they kissed...

The girls gathered around Melanie to see the ring.

Jeff slipped the ring on her finger...

Jeff told her he would love her forever.

Customers came over to give Melanie and Jeff well wishes and to see her new jewelry...

The Happy Couple


They have chosen a date....November 3, 2001

Melanie has chosen her gown...Its beautiful!

The plans are progressing very well...although Melanie is really showing the 'Bridal Nerves'...

The wedding and reception will be held on the grounds at the VFW here in Okeechobee. They have a beautiful area with a large dock on the canal...At sunset with tiki lights watching them take their vows with the sunset behind them will be a super sight.

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