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Welcome to Narnie's CAM Page

Thankyou for coming to my live Cam page...I first discovered live cams when I was looking through the many sites out there for graphics for e-mail and web pages. I have found many sites for live cams and will list them here...for your pleasure. This is all new to me and I will be updating and learning as I go along...Any new things I learn...You will be the first I will tell...

Live Cams for your viewing pleasure

See Lake Tahoe Live on your computer
California Bay area
Cody's cam
Hot dude...
USC Campus
The Bruce CAM
Bruce, is a very unique individual...Check him out !!!
Earth cam
River Cam

Narnie's World

Hi....Thought I would take up some space and tell you a little about Narnie....My adopted sons call me Narnie / hence Narnie's World.

I was raised in New England which makes me a Yankee....But I have learned to live with that....You need Yankees to get Vermont Cheese and Maple Syrup....

I moved to the Sunshine state in 1993....and really like the weather here....

I have 2 grown daughters,Allison and Melanie, and 2 handsome adopted sons Stephen and Alson....

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